Our History

Our History

Shortly after Collins and Company was founded in 1826, religious services were held in various homes in the new village which came to be known as Collinsville. In 1830, the Collins Company erected its first office building on Front Street. One year later the services were held there on the second floor. A Sunday School was started with Emerson Moody as the first Superintendent. Among those who preached there was George Beecher, son of the famous Dr. Lyman Beecher. The first church building was erected on land bought by Collins and Company from Correl Humphreys in 1826. 

By 1831, there was enough religious interest to hire a permanent pastor, and The Reverend Horatio N. Brinsmaid was chosen. The first church building was erected on land bought by Collins and Company from Correl Humphreys in 1826. The Congregational Church in Collinsville was organized June 25, 1832. There were thirty three members. By year's end, the congregation had grown to sixty-six. The following year, membership dropped to thirty as the Collins Company went through a difficult financial period and was forced to temporarily close and reorganize. Many were forced to leave town to find work. 

By the mid 1850's the church membership was outgrowing the building. Although there may have been plans to enlarge the building, tragedy struck and on January 18, 1857, and the church was consumed by fire, which started in the chimney, during a winter storm. The current building was erected almost immediately and dedicated on February 25, 1858. 

Despite the establishment of other denominational churches, by 1882, the congregation numbered 317, with 275 in the Sunday School. 

The church has been led by twenty four pastors in its history. And, the church was involved in what were termed "revivals" in 1838, 1842, 1855, 1858, 1866, 1874, 1877 and 1879. 

During the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918 and 1919, the church served as a temporary hospital.

In 1922, the church was incorporated as the First Congregational Church in Collinsville. In 1925, the congregation voted to accept the warranty deed to the church and parsonage as a gift from The Collins Company. In 1957, the Parish House (education wing) was dedicated. In 1959, the church interior was extensively redecorated. 

In June of 1965, the Flentrop organ was dedicated. In 1967, the "Old Schoolhouse" was purchased from the Waquanheag Red Men Tribe #29 for additional classroom space. In 1969, the old parsonage was sold and a new one built on Colony Road, Canton. The parking lot was enlarged and resurfaced in 1969. 

1970 saw the arrival of Rev. Charles E. Schleich, who embarked on a path of Christian renewal, discipleship, evangelism, and community service and small groups. In 1993 an extensive remodeling of the church Sanctuary was done. In 1994, upon the leaving of Pastor Schleich, the Rev. James S. Wheeler, formerly the Associate Pastor became the new Lead Pastor, who has served until June of 2019. It was under the leadership of Rev. Wheeler that the church changed its name to Christ Community Church in Collinsville.

In June of 2020, the congregation unanimously called Rev. Christopher J. Bauer to become the Lead Pastor.