Our Vision Teams

Our Vision Teams


To praise, raise and present Jesus Christ in Spirit filled Worship. This focus group is surveying various books written by worship leaders. We are learning that worship encompasses a variety of modes, from historical liturgical worship to contemporary and blended styles. We understand that worship is not confined to Sunday mornings but is an ongoing act in our daily lives as God’s People.

The Exalt team meets on the first Sunday of each month, immediately after service.


We, as a group meet to plan events that will fulfill the mandate to proclaim the gospel to the entire world, beginning in our Jerusalem. We recognize that preaching is part of the mandate to proclaim the Gospel, as well as daily obedience in every Christian’s walk. We also believe that special events aimed at the general public, such as Live Nativity, Christian Music Concerts and similar outreach events will also suffice in this regard.

The Proclaim team meets on the third Sunday of each month, immediately after service.

Make Disciples

The main focus of this team is to coordinate small group and fellowship gatherings in an effort to foster discipleship. Ideally, we would like to host a conference on making disciples right here in Collinsville.

The Make Disciples team meets on the second Sunday of each month, immediately after service.